Audio Precision System 1, 2 & Cascade USB Interface.


Control your Audio Precision System via USB without a PCI or
PCIMCIA card in an older computer. Use ApWin 2.24 Software running on a Win XP3, Win 7,
8 or 10 computer via USB adapter to control AP Systems models 22, 22A, 222,
322, 22xx. 23xx, 24xx, 25xx & 26xx using APIB interfaces.

Note S(serial) & G(GPIB/HPIB) models also have APIB inputs.
A limited supply is now in stock. Contact me for purchase.
USA shipments $340.00 including shipping.

I will only take payments if I have stock to ship.
Note: Win 10 with a Macbook Pro and Bootcamp will control AP system.

For information on the “APIB-LPT Translator kit for Win98SE” click here (Page A).
For information on the “Service or Repair of non supported AP Systems” click here (Page B).
For information on the “Development of Testing or Programming for AP Systems” click here (Page C).

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